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108Dance Class

WHAT: A Fun Jazz Dance Workshop
WHEN: Saturday April 25th from 2:30-3:30pm
INSTRUCTOR: Raymond-Kym Suttle
PRICE: $5 Suggested Donation

The class will start with a choreographed warm-up routine to raise your core temperature, a stretch to limber you up, exercises to engage your brain (e.g. learning a corner-routine so that you develop the skill to mirror choreography on the right and the left), and then learn 3 different dance routines in 3 different styles. In a usual class we’ll focus on 1 main routine so that you can perfect it, but for the taster we’ll try a variety of styles.

The focus is on fun rather than technique though this class is geared towards people with a reasonable level of co-ordination. Looking forward to seeing you there! Please note; no outdoor shoes: bare feet or socks with a grip.

YOGA NoHo - Amber VoilesBlissed Out

WHAT: A delicious restorative experience
WHEN: Saturday April 25th from 4-6pm
INSTRUCTOR: Amber Voiles
PRICE: $30 adv/$35 at the door


Restorative yoga is a passive yoga in which the body is supported so that it can rest deeply and completely, resulting in the release of habitually held layers of stress. Poses are held for long periods of time and are suitable for anyone who wishes to quiet the mind and reconnect. Give yourself the gift of stillness and watch the body heal itself in ways you could have never imagined.

YOGA NoHo - Niki SaccarecciaYoga Nidra

WHAT: An ancient art of relaxation
WHEN: Sunday, April 26th from 7:30-9pm
INSTRUCTOR: Niki Saccareccia
PRICE: $20 adv/$25 at the door


The class will begin with gentle yoga movement to release tension and pent up energy in the body, breathing practices to clear physical and mental congestion, and set-up into a fully supported Corpse Pose for ultimate relaxation. Students will then be led through the practice – a systematic, guided meditation beginning with a thorough body scan.

YOGA NoHo - Yoga Tune Up

Yoga Tune Up®

WHAT: Yoga with stress balls
WHEN: Saturday, May 2nd from 2-4pm
INSTRUCTOR: Christin Saiyan
PRICE: $25 adv/$30 at the door


Access the deepest part of your core and awaken its full potential!

  • Address the physical, emotional, and spiritual depths of your core
  • Strengthen from the inside out
  • Awaken sluggish organs
  • Stretch scar tisssue
  • Cultivate vibrancy throughout the nervous system
**Do not eat 2 hours before this class.
***All levels welcome.
YOGA NoHo- Childbirth EducationChildbirth Education Classes

WHAT: 6 Week Childbirth Prep Course
WHEN: Ongoing classes available. Call 818-761-1705 to learn more.
INSTRUCTOR: Jaquelin Levin-Zabare
PRICE: $350 per mom/couple

Vital Birthing Preparation Classes offer informational and practical support for an empowered, informed and connected pregnancy, labor and birth. During this six-week course, you will learn about the physiology of birth and comfort measures – including breathing, positioning, visualization and hands on techniques as well as procedures for home and hospital births. You will also learn how to write an effective and comprehensive birth plan. This education will build confidence in yourself and your partner to make informed decisions that align with your personal needs and help create an environment for a positive birth experience. Space is very limited.

YOGA NoHo - Melanie WachsmanBreastfeeding Basics

WHAT: Breastfeeding Basics and Self Attachment
WHEN: Last Saturday of the Month
INSTRUCTOR: Melanie Wachsman
PRICE: $40
Join Melanie Wachsman, certified doula and lactation educator at YOGA NoHo, as she covers the crucial elements of breastfeeding, latching positions, feeding times, breast care, self attachment and living a breastfeeding lifestyle. Space is limited. Tickets are $40 per mom or couple. To reserve your spot or ask questions, please call (310) 435-6760. You can also pay directly through Paypal to account Hope to see you there!


YOGA NoHo is an eclectic yoga, family and wellness center nestled in the heart of the rejuvenated NoHo Arts District. Whether you are coming to relieve stress with yoga, see a wellness doctor, attend birth class or participate in any of the other wonderful activities we offer, our mission remains the same – to provide a loving, safe, and positive space for our community to flourish!