Yoga & Movement Classes in North Hollywood

YOGA NoHo offers a wide variety of yoga classes to meet the needs of our students and to expose them to the many faces of yoga.  Each class is taught by an expert of that particular discipline and offers a different set of tools, techniques and benefits.  If you are not sure what style of yoga is right for you, we recommend you give them all a try to see which one works best for you.  You may find you love more than one.  To view a schedule of classes, CLICK HERE.

Belly Dancing

Come learn the torso isolations, hip vibrations and musicality that Egyptian bellydance is known for! Tamra-henna will teach movements and combinations of Egyptian Style (the “mother” of all bellydance styles). Tamra-henna’s classes emphasize proper alignment and efficiency in movement.

Candlelight Flow

This is a vinyasa flow class enriched by the soothing ambiance of flickering candlelight.  All levels are welcome.

Community Yoga Basics

Learn the fundamentals of breathe awareness in relation to movement as you explore a variety of focus and strength building postures that will ultimately lead you to a deep state of relaxation. All beginner classes are designed to walk you through every step of the learning process while helping you establish a new relationship to both mind and body.

Complete Therapeutic

The specialized restorative class offers a unique blend of therapy and yoga not found anywhere else. Whether you have an injury or are recovering from one, looking to improve your alignment or simply in need of some deep relaxation, this class has it all. Because of the heavy use of props and individual attention given by the instructor, this class is limited to only 12 students. We highly recommend signing in online to reserve your space!

Core and Back Hour

Get back in touch with the basics by aligning the spine and working the core muscles to keep the back healthy and strong. Perfect for anyone looking for a moderate workout with a special emphasis on working the breath in conjunction with movement to prevent pain and encourage healing.


A traditional Hatha class, or  “Classical Yoga” is concerned principally with the cultivation of the student’s mind and spinal alignment using a succession of steps and tools such as breath, movement, sound, reflection, meditation and visualization. Perfect for those looking  to deepen their relationship with reality, find freedom from all suffering and create more sustained joy.

Power Bar Fusion

A complete and challenging fusion combining the strength of power yoga, the length of dance-based toning and the release of savasana. Set to a fun playlist, this class will help you release stress while breaking a sweat.

Power Flow

Power Flow classes are taught to increase energy, balance, and flexibility throughout the entire body, while reducing stress and anxiety. Be prepared to sweat, take off pounds, and burn away toxins in this fun, high energy class with a dynamic series of postures, sequenced to seamlessly flow together.


Build confidence and strength as you prepare your body for labor and parenthood. This class is designed for women to tune into their bodies and babies while making connections with other mamas in their community. No prior yoga experience necessary.


Restorative Yoga is relaxing, supportive, powerful and healing and can be great for those with aches and pains. This class is suitable for all levels and offers gentle stretching and strengthening with the use of props. Blocks, bolsters, and blankets support the body allowing it to open through passive stretching and rhythmic breathing. Restorative yoga leaves the body and mind feeling open and refreshed.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a healing art, a moving meditation, and a non-contact martial art. Highly expressive and personal, you can practice Tai Chi, and Chi Kung, the art of energy combining breath and movements, anytime, anywhere and for the rest of your life.

Vinyasa Flow

Through a conscious connection between movement and breathe, this gratifying class moves through a sequence of poses designed to strengthen the body while focusing the mind. Variations will be taught to accommodate all experience levels.

Vinyasa Flow + Meditation

Exactly what it sounds like, this profoundly rewarding class offers the rejuvenating powers of vinyasa flow followed by the calming benefits of meditation.  Your body will feel stronger while your mind enjoys a renewed sense of calm and focus.

Yoga Medley

Infusing a blend of yoga styles, this class will challenge you by mixing in variety of sequences and postures with a particular focus on alignment. Perfect for stretching beyond comfort zones, but doing so with a sense of ease. For experienced yogis.